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No Rival is the exclusive Lightspeed partner in Italy, providing assistance and support crafted to Lightspeed’s high standards. Specializing in the Restaurant K-Series POS platform, we offer personalized service to meet the needs of every restaurant, from large chains to small businesses.

The only ones in Italy

Our assistance is developed according to the standards of Lightspeed experts. No Rival takes advantage of exclusivity in Italy and guarantees personalized support on the K-Series Restaurant POS platform.


No Rival Premium Support

At NORIVAL, we understand the importance of seamless ePOS operations in the restaurant industry. Our motto, “NORIVAL – NOPANIC,” reflects our commitment to ensuring that you can focus on your customers while we take care of your POS responsibilities. Our support packages are designed to manage all aspects of your ePOS system efficiently, allowing you to dedicate your time and resources to providing the best customer experience, without the stress of technical issues.

Lightspeed integrations

Lightspeed ‘s integrated partners offer unique services that integrate seamlessly with your Lightspeed cash register system, allowing you to run your business optimally.

Lightspeed training

We offer a training service divided into three possibilities.

We have developed these methods to facilitate small and large businesses, thinking of customized solutions. 


“Personalized training” is a formula that allows you to follow 1 to 1 online training sessions with an official Lightspeed expert.

Packages that allow you to optimize the training of your staff in complete convenience, with specific webinars and personalized documentation always at your disposal on a cloud dedicated to you.

Advantageous Start UP Offer


Our experts are at your disposal to find the best solution for managing your business.

Fill out the form with your specific requests, we will take care of the solution.

Strengthen your knowledge


Do you have a specific topic you want to learn more about? We can help you with personalized Video and PDF documentation in ITALIAN with all possible solutions.

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