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Enhancing Restaurant Operations with Lightspeed Integrations

Ilglu specializes in integrating advanced solutions with Lightspeed, focusing on improving restaurant management systems. Their expertise in integrating QodeUp and Cashmatic has revolutionized operational efficiency, making them a key partner in the hospitality sector.

In a notable case, Ilglu’s integration of QodeUp and Cashmatic with Lightspeed for a leading restaurant chain streamlined its operations. This collaboration led to significant reductions in manual errors and a boost in overall operational efficiency. 

Custom Integration Lightspeed K Series & More

LanMan Group offers specialized IT and digital services, playing a crucial role in integrating the Lightspeed K series with SQL databases for Rinascente. Their expertise in web development and IT consulting has driven significant advancements in operational efficiencies and digital solutions in the hospitality sector.

LanMan Group successfully integrated the Lightspeed K series with the SQL database of Rinascente Shopping Center in Milan, enhancing data management and operational efficiency. This collaboration resulted in streamlined processes, better data utilisation, and improved customer experiences.

See You Food: Customizable Kiosk Solutions with Zettle Integration

Specializes in creating personalized digital solutions for the hospitality industry. They offer customizable apps designed to enhance the dining experience, streamline service, and improve customer engagement. Their expertise lies in adapting technology to fit the unique needs of each venue, ensuring a digital touchpoint that is both user-friendly and efficient.

In a key project, See You Food integrated their customizable kiosk system with Zettle, transforming the financial management process for a restaurant chain. This integration enabled a more efficient, unified approach to handling transactions.

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